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Five Nights At Freddy’s 8

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Five Nights at Freddy's 8 is a horror game that belongs to the sequel to the FNAF game, this time you will join many new characters and other locations.

With the same content as the previous parts, here the new guardian will have to spend five nights in a horrifying place with scary dolls. During the day, these dolls are serene and quiet but when night falls, they begin to engage in fun activities.

This game features 11 new enemies as well as 11 new locations to deal with them. Additionally, there is a new approach to protecting yourself from them. If you want to avoid going crazy with fear, you should try to stay awake until morning. In the latest version of the game, FNAF 8, there have been certain changes made to both the appearance of the office and the function of the night guard. Can trick the robot into leaving you alone if you wear a Freddy mask.

Tips for playing Five Nights at Freddy's 8

Instead of being afraid, you should try to stay awake until dawn and resist the urge to give in to it. In the most recent update of the FNAF 8 video game, there were some minor adjustments made to the office structure as well as the responsibilities of the night guard. You will need to wear a mask representing Freddy Krueger to convince the robots to leave you alone and escape the situation.


You can use the mouse.