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Unfair Mario

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Unfair Mario takes you on an unpredictable journey. Can you conquer the challenges that will continuously appear in this game? Start experiencing it now!

Yes, it's Super Mario again, our adorable little companion invites you to join him. You will find yourself in the world of the famous arcade game, but this time with a slight twist. There will be certain traps that are more difficult to overcome, and there will be other hurdles that are more complex. Will you make it through?

The video game Mario and Trap Adventure 2 was the inspiration for this platform game. Can you complete the level without setting off any hidden traps? It is not always possible to receive early notification of traps and the consequences of some traps are not always well understood. This game is quite brutal in that regard. Look for hints that can lead you to the location of the trap. Occasionally, there are signs that traps are near. To maintain your position as a checkpoint, you should raise your flag whenever you encounter a checkpoint. I want to reassure you that the flag is not a trap. Playing cautiously is strongly encouraged.

The fact that new difficulties are always introduced has made this game receive a lot of praise from players. Every step you take has the potential to create an unforeseen trap, and every seemingly harmless block can spell disaster. The typical Mario games led to the creation of Unfair Mario, which later became very popular due to its difficult and surprising nature.

How to control

  • Your avatar will navigate treacherous terrain using the arrow keys.
  • Jump using spacebar. When it comes to this game, timing is essential.
  • To restart the level, use the R key. You'll be hitting it quite a bit, so you should get used to it.

Tips and playing strategies

The purpose of Unfair Mario is to demonstrate your ability to be patient. Failure is an inevitable consequence of completing levels. You should take your time, observe and build a strategy. Unpredictability is essential to the success of this game. What seems safe may not actually be safe, so you should always be prepared for anything. Make the most of your experience by learning from your mistakes, as trial and error are your best guides.

In terms of gameplay, levels in Unfair Mario are similar to puzzles. It is important to remember trap types, locations, and safety points. This information is the most valuable asset you possess.

Maybe "Gimps" will suddenly appear, those barriers will fall on your little Mario, and other blocks will randomly appear in areas where you need them less. When some objects need to stay in place, they will move, while other objects will freeze when they need to move. It's really difficult, but once you complete a level, it's also quite satisfying. There is no way to quantify the level of pleasure you will experience.

Be careful! You will be killed by everything that stands in your way. However, you shouldn't worry. Because each failure will help you gain a deeper understanding of the road ahead. Remember the pitfalls from death to death and make sure you don't forget them. Also, remember that the stages get harder as you progress through the game.